Let Go of Expectations

That's right. You heard me.

This month in Mindful Motherhood we are focusing on letting go of expectations.

You know exactly the ones that I'm talking about.

The expectations of having the laundry done on a daily basis, the sheets washed regularly, a healthy meal on the table every evening.

The expectations of working all day and coming home to tidy the house, play board games and read bed time stories.

The expectations of "bouncing back" into your pre-pregnancy jeans (hello, leggings), of making it to every single stroller bootcamp class and revamping your entire home to use essential oils for every remedy.




Let go of the expectations. The ones that we put on ourselves, the ones from the media, the ones from parenting magazines and websites.

Let them go.

Just for today, survive. Survive as a human being who is caring (deeply) for other human beings. Survive as a woman who has given birth and whose body is healing. Survive as a person who is running on little sleep and may forget things.

Just for today.

Let go of the expectations. Free yourself of them, and survive.