Your Expectations for Birth

We all have the perfect vision of birth. The one where our hair falls just perfectly, our makeup is soft and stay in place even with the slight bit of dew on our forehead from pushing.

The baby cries, your heart swells with joy and your partner looks at you adoringly, absolutely astonished by your strength and resolve.

On some cases, this places out beautifully. In most cases what we expect birth to be, and what it actually is are two very different things.

To start planning, map out what your expectations are for birth. Answer these questions for yourself.....

How do you foresee your birth unfolding?
What are the comfort measures that appeal to you most?
Who do you want in the birthing room with you?

And then consider....

How will I feel if birth doesn't unfold that way?
How will I feel if there is an emergency?
How will my process be impacted if the people I envision being in the room are unable to be there?

Then, make your backup expectations. For instance, if I'm not able to labour in the tub, that's ok because I will use the birth ball instead and hydrotherapy for the shower which my partner can hold and spray on my back.

Being prepared for the variations of normal that come with labour and birth is important, as is having alternatives should your plans or preferences change along the way.

You expectations for birth. Be flexible. Be gentle and kind with yourself.