Partners and Calm Birth

Hypnobirth and calm birth are often terms that tend to make even the most confident birth partners a bit timid.

How do they fit in?
What do they do?

Well, partners, we have some advice for you!

First and foremost, ask mom about her visions for birth right down to the language she would like you to use when describing her contractions, pain, surges, and labour progress.

Things to ask:
what visualization is helpful to you right now to make you feel calm?
How would you like me to refer to your contractions
How can I be the best birth partner for you?

Secondly, acknowledge that hypnobirth is typically a pretty quiet way of e may be music that she wants on in the background, but for the most part it is a really quiet process.

Be aware of what her music choices are, if there are any podcasts that she would like to listen to and be ready to put those on for her.

Help her with her breath. In hypnobirth, there are a few different ways of breathing and at this point she very likely has chosen her favourite method. Practice with you, and encourage her to return to her breath while she is in labour.

Labour is hard work, and she needs you to remind her of how amazing, strong, capable she is. Her body is doing incredible things and the more you surround her with peace, love, compassion, and a sense of calm, the better her birth will be.