Trust Yourself

As parents.

We need to trust ourselves more. The wisdom that lives deep down inside, in the very depths of our soul. That voice that often whispers, that we ignore.




The amount of trust that we have in our own abilities as mothers is dwindling. We spend so much time second guessing if we are buying the right food, diapering the correct way, attaching to our kids not too much but just enough. We spend so much time doubting ourselves...and why?

No-one else is raising your children. You are.

(in most cases) No-one else carried them and birthed them. You did.

Trust yourself.

Your beautiful, wonderful, incredibly, knowing self.

Whenever you find yourself doubting your choices, your place as a mother (or woman), your inner wisdom...go to a quiet place. Carve out a place of your home that is only for you. It could be a whole room or just a small area with a lovely sitting chair.

Close your eyes and breathe. Listen to the voice inside.

And trust.