Second Trimester and Your Doula

During your second trimester, pregnancy starts to become much more real for both parents. Baby starts kicking, mama's belly starts to get round and development is happening really rapidly.

More good news for mom is that morning sickness and exhaustion often go away during the second trimester and pregnancy becomes more enjoyable.

So, how does a doula fit into your support team during the second trimester? Referrals and resources are a big thing during this stage of pregnancy, and we take the job of researcher!

There are amazing things that get accomplished during the second trimester when you have more energy, like nurseries, baby registries and baby showers. Your doula can help by keeping you up to date with the latest baby gear to suit your needs, answer your questions, and even help keep you organized.

Additionally, you doula can help with finding reputable resources for things like registered massage therapy, spa services, naturopaths, prenatal yoga and fitness classes and so much more!

Late-second trimester your doula will also start preparing you for birth and postpartum planning. Here, they will ask leading questions to get you thinking about what you would like for your birth, and what life with your baby might look like.

You doula is there to support, to research, to lend an ear and to celebrate those second trimester milestones with you!