It's OK To Not Be OK

What does `ok` even mean?

Today is a rough day for me, I am NOT ok. I can admit this.


Why do I have to love my life, my kids, my house, my body, my job every single day? That expectation of such a strong emotion is too hard on new moms. Life is not easy, and neither is being that person in a household who wears so many different hats.

Cook, dishwasher, care giver, cleaner, grocery getter, plan maker, laundry doer, potty trainer, tantrum diffuser, hair brusher, book reader, tickle monster and the list goes on… It’s exhausting!

Being able to meet all your needs on top of taking care of one or more tiny humans takes skills, ones that you have to relearn at different stages and when new additions are made. You can realistically only have so many cups of coffee to help you through before breaking down and asking for help. Do not get to the point where you NEED to have someone help you out. Plan for this and allow yourself some self-care, it is important to everyone around you for you to be healthy and happy.

You deserve it!

I deserve it!

It may be as simple as enjoying a HOT coffee, alone, outside of the house. Going and seeing a movie and not having to hide to eat candy. A mini vacation for your soul.

It may require to call in help from family, friends or professionals like us here at Sweet Stella’s. We are here to help facilitate whatever you need to make you happy and healthy again.

It is ok to ask for help. It is ok to want to spend time alone. It is ok not to be ok.

From one momma to another who is having a rough day with a runny nosed clingy baby, a toddler who is testing my limits, and a long list of things that need to be done today… everything will be ok.