I just don’t feel ‘right’ and other reasons to go see a pelvic health physiotherapist

After having my second daughter and having a wealth of further knowledge about my body both during and after pregnancy, I felt as if things weren’t back to normal. While everyone’s normal will be different, I just didn’t feel as great as I did postpartum with my first. Avery has now officially been on the outside longer then the inside and I typically say to clients that, as mothers, we need to allow our bodies to heal as it takes on average 40 weeks to grow said baby.

Time to listen to my own words of wisdom and take my own health into consideration, off to physio I go!

We are very lucky to have an amazing group of women here in London, Ontario at The Mama’s Physio. They have over 30 years’ experience combined on their team who truly have the health of your mind, body and soul in mind. With an inviting and comfortable waiting room, a smiling face to greet you and maybe even a cup of hot apple cider while you wait. The team make you feel comfortable to moment you step in the door and go up the stairs. “We believe you are designed to flourish” is their motto and they can get you set up to meet your goals.



Once you make your appointment there is some paperwork, a few pages, but this is to help better understand your personal history of pregnancies, labour, mental and physical health. Allowing them to see where you are, where you want to be and what is causing any issues. The questions are personal. Very personal. It is best to be as open as possible for you to allow your body to heal, both physically and mentally. Women tend to hold tension within the pelvic floor so stress and anxiety can be the cause of many issues.

Women tend to believe the myths that ‘time will heal’, ‘just do some kegals’ and even ‘that’s normal’…

It is NOT normal to urinate when you sneeze.

It is NOT normal for pain during intercourse.

It is NOT normal to have pain from inserting a tampon.

It is NOT normal to have to run to the bathroom.

It is NOT normal to feel like something is ‘falling out’.

We need to address these issues head on and spread the word that there is help and it should not be embarrassing to talk about. If any of these top five reasons resonate with you, I encourage you to seek help!

  1. Gaining better bladder control – running and exercising without leakage, decreasing the urgency and frequency of urination and even sleeping through the night without waking.

  2. Stopping pelvic pain – painful intercourse, pain with arousal, painful tampon use and tailbone pain.

  3. Managing the urgent need to urinate – feeling the need to urinate the moment you get home or when you stop to take a moment and even around running water can be signs of weakness.

  4. Relieving constipations – while typically this is due to diet and/or stress, it can be related to a tense pelvic floor.

  5. Improving your core strength – the pelvic floor is the base of your deep core system and for this to be at optimal function your pelvic floor must also be functioning optimally. This may mean strengthening or loosening these muscles or possibly a combination of both.

As women we need to reconnect with our pelvic floors and be more in tune with our bodies as it is necessary for our health and wellness. Connecting with your pelvic floor can help prepare you and your body for childbirth. Childbirth sees the pelvic floor go through a very beautiful change and can leave you in a disconnect with our bodies, this is a wonderful time to truly reconnect and learn more. Educating yourself and seeking a pelvic health professional is the first step in connecting with your body. You will be in a safe space with highly educated professional who have your health and wellness in mind. Your questions can be answered without bias and working together can determine the appropriate course of treatment catered to your needs.

Stay tuned for my progress and first-hand account, while my issues will vary from yours this may give you the push to seek help and take care of your own pelvic health.