First Trimest and Your Doula

You may be surprised to hear that we get doula inquiries for early pregnancy support, but it's true! Emails, texts and phone calls start coming as early as 4-6 weeks gestation, and for multiple reasons.

Pregnancy After Loss

Single Moms

Out of Town Family

There are loads of reasons why the inquiries come, but one thing is constant; early pregnancy support is vital to a healthy and happy pregnancy and postpartum.

What can your doula do during the first trimester?

  • research morning sickness remedies
  • visit you at your home if you are feeling unwell, tending to any household chores, cooking etc.
  • provide consistent support and answer questions

During the first trimester, prenatal appointments with your health care team will likely be monthly and there's a good chance you will have questions or early pregnancy symptoms creep up that you might want support with.

Your doula can do that, provide compassionate support right when you need it.