Tips for Cesarean Birth

Cesarean birth is a perfectly valid birth, and preparing for one is just as important as preparing for a vaginal birth. There are times when a cesarean is necessary and the safest option for mom and baby.

So what can you do to prepare? We've compiled our top tips to prepare for a cesarean birth!

Be Informed!

Talk to your doctor about the entire process and ask questions. Are you able to have one arm unrestrained so you can touch the baby as soon as he or she is born? Can they lower the curtain or use a transparent curtain so you can see what is going on? How many birth support persons are allowed in the room during the surgery?

Ask questions and get informed!

Get Some Rest

While resting during the late stages of pregnancy and anticipation leading up to your cesarean can prove to be difficult, the process of surgery can be physically, emotionally and mentally taxing. Get some rest and take it easy in the day or two prior to your birth.

Talk To Other Moms

Talk to other moms who have had a cesarean birth about what to expect in the days following surgery. What they found helpful, and what they didn't. Open up the lines of communication and create your support network. You are not alone!

Prepare For Postpartum

Make your postpartum transition a bit easier by creating diaper change stations on different levels of your home. Set up a few different feeding areas for mom and baby, that are stocked with snacks and bottles of water. Stock your freezer and put an open call to friends and family to do the same!

At the end of the day, preparing for a cesarean birth is the same as preparing for a vaginal birth. Knowing your options and establishing your support network are key!