Shannon Moyer Szemenyei | Sweet Stella's

This year has been one of expansive growth. We've added a brand new team to serve the Toronto area, have expanded our services in London and added more doulas to serve you, and have taken things online to serve the international birth community with our podcasts, meditations and online courses.

We've become stronger, smarter and more supportive.

We've carved out things that are important to us, both individually and as a team.

We've built something really incredible here this year, and we thank you with every ounce of our beings for joining us and being a part of it. If it weren't for you, and your constant want for better and more, Sweet Stella's wouldn't be.

So, cheers to you. Cheers to us!

We wish you continued health and happiness, abundance and joy, as you enter and go through 2017.

Expect to see more greatness from our team!