Make Yourself a Priority

So the holidays have come and gone. Have you found you way out from underneath the crumpled wrapping paper, bows, chocolate, rushed schedules and gatherings?

While the holidays are certainly awesome and are a great time to spend moments with those who matter most to us, recovering from three can be a difficult task.

This month in Mindful Motherhood, we encourage you to make yourself a priority.



Whether you are pregnant, newly postpartum or you have older kids, every mom deserves a break after a busy holiday season.

Start your cycle of self care this month so you start this beautiful new year off on the right foot. Set the intention that this will be a year that you finally make yourself a priority.

Take an art class
Go to yoga
Get a massage

Tell someone you trust about your plans for self care, and if they're a mom - encourage them to do the same! Keep one another accountable and feel good about taking these moments out for yourself!

Make yourself a priority.

You are important.