Motherhood: Enjoy the Quiet Moments

I know, I know. The quiet moments for a mom are often ones that bring you to find markers on the walls, flour on the floor or a toddler stuck in a kitchen cupboard doing who knows what.


The quiet moments...the ones where you are snuggled up or going for a walk hand in hand. Those are the ones that often bring the biggest lessons.

That lesson?


Slow down.

Be present.

Having a quiet moment with your child every day slows everything down. Nothing matters outside of what you are doing right then and there.

Listen to one anothers breath.

Make a mountain out of the couch cushions and tell stories under the blankets




Find the lessons that you need in your child. It's funny; they often have a way of letting us know or teaching us when we are seeking answers. When we are doubting our path or our abilities as a parent.

They let us know

They provide an anchor to our soul

Slow down

Be present