Are You Having a Calm Birth?

Calm Birth and Hypnobirthing

practices have become more and more mainstream since we started Sweet Stella's Birth and Postpartum Doulas just over two years ago. Fortunately, we have a super experienced Certified Meditation Instructor on the team and an online course that will show you different breath techniques, how to harness your energy and how to ground yourself for absolutely the most positive birth experience matter where you give birth.

We've been hearing more and more from those listening to our podcasts just how instrumental hypnobirthing and meditation are in their process.

I am now writing to thank you for your birth affirmations podcast. I delivered a healthy 7 pound baby boy yesterday naturally. I know that your podcast played a key role in maintaining a positive state of mind leading up to the delivery. From your calming voice, to the words you spoke, I was able to convince myself that I could have the birth I wanted. And I ultimately did. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.


It is so lovely to get your feedback and hear about your positive birth experiences. Our online course is designed for self study, and we welcome your feedback as you work through the video modules, PDF material and workbook. At any point if you have any questions at all, email us! We are always happy to take your questions and provide guidance!

Happy birthing!