birthPrep: Prenatal Education for the Modern Mama

When you hear the words prenatal class, what's the first thing that comes to mind? For me, I think back to when we took classes leading up to Owen's birth in 2010. They were riddled with birth videos from the 1980's, conversations of time mapping, and holding ice cubes during breathing exercises.

Times have changed, and so has parenting. In birthPrep, you can expect an open, conversational type teaching style wherein we talk about all of your options, and help you map out what works best for you. We know that these transitions can be scary and that there is a lot of information out there to sift through, so we've taken it all and wrapped it into one neat and tidy course.

We will cover topics such as.....

later term pregnancy development for both mom and baby
the signs and symptoms of labour
talk about when to call your doctor, doula, midwife or when to head to the hospital
reaffirm your plans and birth wishes
standard hospital procedures

And we will empower you to make confident decisions. This is your process; all of the items that we talk about in birthPrep are optional (under normal circumstances!) and we encourage you during the course to consider all options and outcomes, then make a decision based on what is right for you, your body and your baby.

You know best! Let birthPrep guide you to the end.