Mommy Time Out

We have had such a great time with Moms Get Social over the past year - connecting with local moms and their babies in London, Ontario for a weekly social walk at Westmount Mall and Springbank Park.

It seems, though as with most things in life, that the needs of the moms who come to MGS are changing and shifting. Getting out for a walk and chat with babies in tow is awesome, but need a time out.

What can you expect at the new monthly Mommy Time Out events? Well...the biggest change will be that the babies and children will be (when possible) left at home. This is a chance for you to get out, have some space to yourself and do things that you want to do...when you want to do them.

Drink your coffee while it's hot
Go shopping and be able to try things on alone in the dressing room
Catch that movie you've been wanting to see
Eat a meal in peace and quiet
Unwind on your mat in a yoga class

Is Mommy Time Out just for local moms in London, ON? Absolutely not! We encourage you to get involved! Join the facebook group, engage, chat, find your community and something you can call your own. Reach out to local moms in your own area and start your own Time Out evenings! It doesn't have to be anything that breaks the bank or takes a huge amount of time, either! A quick coffee, sitting at the park and chatting, going for a walk.

Keep it easy
Keep it simple

and enjoy your time away. You're worth it!!