Bonding with Baby during Pregnancy

Do you know the reason that newborns stop crying to the sound of their moms voice once they are born? The answer is so simple, pure and raw.

At around 18 weeks gestation, baby is starting to pick up sounds in utero. By 25-26 weeks, they respond to noises and voices, and are able to distinguish familiarity.

That gives almost 15 weeks from the time that baby can recognize mom's voice to their birth



Find a favourite book that you want to teach your baby about, maybe something that you are exceptionally passionate about or your family history if there are important people in baby's life that have passed away. I used to tell the boys stories about their Grandpa all the time while I was pregnant, and would sing the Beatles to my belly all the time.

To this day, they still ask for Yesterday at bedtime.

Making those memories starts while you are pregnant. Find your voice, and let your baby get to know their mom in the most simple and pure way during your pregnancy.

If there are others that you want baby to recognize by the sound of their voice, encourage them to talk to baby too! This is a great way to get a soon-to-be big brother or sister involved and bonding with baby before the big day!

Once baby is here, you may be surprised at how quickly they settle to a familiar voice and song, and how the books your read to them during pregnancy become their favourites as they grow into toddlers!