Be Present For Your Children

A few weeks back during an online essential oils class I was attending, we were asked what three goals we had for ourselves when it came to our health and lifestyle.

I started thinking about the point of life I am in right now an recognized that there has been a massive shift in our lives lately. While we are absolutely active parents and embrace everything of who our kids are, we've both transitioned and have been taking on more professional responsibility within our respective businesses.

What it made me realize is that my top priority is shutting off and down, and being more present for my boys.


Laughing with them

Going on adventures in the woods

Reading to them

Getting outside and getting dirty

Building forts out of blankets

Having ice cream for breakfast

They are only little for so long, and that message struck really loudly when we were a few days before back to school. My oldest was starting Grade 1 and Mr. Graeme was about to start daycare. While I knew in my heart that it was the best decision for everyone involved, and that it would allow him to grow in ways that I could only dream of helping him with....I was struggling in my heart.

Owen was home with me until he was 4, at which point he started school. Graeme has had a part-time nanny since the Spring, but this daycare thing would be different. A huge piece of my heart...a piece that is represented in a dimply-red-curly-haired-giggly boy...would be away from me.

So in the time when we are together, in those precious moments where my heart is full and beaming...I vow to be present.

To laugh

To explore

To hold him close

He will only be (sorta...he's 34lbs!) little for so long!