birthPrep: Pregnancy and Birth!

Did you know that you can take the full birthPrep: Pregnancy and Birth Education course from the comfort of you own home??

What can you expect from the online course? This course was created from a love of supporting and empowering women and their families throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Be gentle and kind with yourself. No two pregnancies are the same, and no two families are the same. We encourage you to make the decisions that work best for you in this moment, knowing that it is perfectly ok for those decisions to change later on.

birthPrep will take you through....

  • What to Expect During the Final Stages of Pregnancy
  • Signs of Labour and the various Stages of Labour
  • Comfort Measures for Labour and Birth
  • Labour Positions and Why They Matter
  • Your Options During Birth
  • Standard Hospital Procedures
  • Interventions and Why They May Happen
and so much more!

What are you waiting for? Register today and work through this conversational, compassionate and research based prenatal education course at your own pace! Our team is here to help and support you along the way!