A New Way of Learning!

You may have noticed that our workshop programming at North Yoga & Wellness has slowed down. Well there is very good reason for that!!

We recognize that programming specific classes and workshops doesn't always work with your schedule. You have baby showers to attend, registries to compile and babies to birth.

We have moved our workshops locally to an on request basis, offering 1-on-1 workshops and small class workshops still at North. We are also developing and publishing online workshops so that you can work through the content with a series of videos and PDF's at your own pace!

We have content created for....

  • birthPrep (Pregnancy and Birth Education)
  • Practices of a Calm Birth
  • Doulas, Dads and Partners
  • Planning Your Postpartum
  • Self Care for New Moms
  • The ABC's of Newborn Care
  • Baby Nutrition 101
  • Meditation for Pregnancy and Birth
  • Comfort Measures During Labour

And we are developing new content all the time! If you have a request for a certain topic that you would like a course designed on, please let us know. Our doulas are always working to do more research and stay up to date on current birthing methods and trends to provide you with the best support and care possible.