5 Questions to ask a New Mom

We've all been there. A friend has a baby and we immediately want to swoop in for a snuggle, go ga-ga over buying cute baby gifts and maybe even make a meal or two to bring to the new parents.

Before you head over for a visit, consider the following questions and tips that we've compiled for you.

Did you know that one of the things that new mom's crave most is adult conversation? So often at our weekly Moms Get Social group we hear stories of motherhood, women coming forward and talking about their birth experiences and the first few weeks postpartum, and really what rings true is that they want to get back to being themselves.

Here is a list of questions to ask a new mom when you pop over for a visit, and a snuggle.

What would you like for breakfast/lunch/dinner?

Chances are, Mom doesn't quite remember the last time that she had a full meal. Bring something with you that is either something she has been craving since being pregnant or something that is exceptionally tasty and good. If the response is I don't know or Oh, don't bring anything, we are fine....bring something anyway. Coffee and donuts. Breakfast burritos. Her absolute most favourite meal. Sushi. Butter Chicken. Anything. She will love you for it even if she doesn't want to ask for it.

What setting do you use for the laundry?

Weird question, right? While it might catch Mom off guard for you to be asking about their laundry habits, it makes perfect sense to ask if there are any special instructions for their washer or dryer
before throwing in and completing a load for her. 

How do you install the carseats?

Important information for you to have for when you pick up the older kiddos and take them to the park, museum, splashpad or library! Giving a new mom some peace and quiet, time to nap, and space to breathe is an incredible gift and she's lucky to have you do that for her!

When is the best time to visit?

This is something that people often forget. Babies have schedules and parents like to stick to them if they are working. While certainly, babies sleep a lot, there are certain times that don't make for great visits. Bath time, feeding time and nap time are definitely times to steer clear of as they add a level of stress to the parents that they simply do not need.

Is there anything you need? 

If the answer is no, I'm ok...ask more questions. Advil? Hygene products? Wine? Chocolate? Formula? Diapers? Go through a list of essential mom and baby items, and even if the answer is still no, I'm ok...bring chocolate. And wine. Always chocolate and wine.

At the end of the day, never arrive to a new mom with empty hands. Bring something with you whether it is coffee or a meal, a gift card and instructions for her to take herself out shopping for a half an hour while you get your snuggles in, or even candles and a bath soak for mom. Bring something for mom specifically....she matters so so much.