You are a Good Mom

We all have those moments as mothers where we wonder if we are being good enough for our children and our families.

Are we truly being good mothers?

The truth is, we are all trying to figure it out. We are all doubting ourselves and while you might see one mom who looks like she has it all perfectly together, there are moments even in her day where she wonders...

Am I a good mom?

You are, that much I can promise you. You are the perfect mother for your children; exactly the one that they need.

You are a good mom, heck probably even a great one!

Consider in this moment, right here and now, all of the wonderful things that you did today as a mom.  You clothed your children, fed them breakfast, packed lunches, dropped them off at school or got them safely to the bus stop. You challenged their world and encouraged them to grow as individuals. You took a few moments of peace for yourself, even if it was only a quick trip to the bathroom to sneak into your secret chocolate stash that they don't know is there.

You are there when they cry, giving them a safe place to fall.
You are there to cheer them on and celebrate their victories.


Don't forget that, and don't let anyone make you feel any different.