Coping with Heat: Summer Pregnancy Tips

Being pregnant in the summer is such a fun and wonderful thing. Trips to the beach, baby bumps in bikini's, ice cream for maternity pictures and so much more!

But being pregnant in the summer also comes with a whole host of challenges, namely surviving the heat.

Heat and humidity generally leads to water retention and swelling, which are friends of no pregnant woman. Here are a few tips to keep you cool during the hay lazy days of summer!

Put a fan in your bedroom

If you or your partner loves to sleep with the windows open to let the summer breeze in, investing in a small fan that can circulate the air and blow cooler air on you while you sleep can be really lovely.

Kiddie pools aren't just for the kids!

One of the most enjoyable moments during my last pregnancy was putting on my bikini and enjoying the sunshine in our backyard, while having my feet in a cold kiddie pool. It was absolutely glorious! Add is a frosty drink of some kind and it's heavenly!

Keep the ice stocked in your freezer

For drinks, for cold plunge baths for your feet, to fill freezer bags and be able to put cold compresses on your swollen joints...keep ice handy!

Crank the AC!

When all else fails, stay inside, close the blinds and shut the windows and crank the AC. Set up a loungey area in your living room, have your ice water or lemonade handy, and enjoy a good movie.

Surviving the summer heat during pregnancy can be tough, but you can do it! Remember that it will pass, it is temporary and soon yuor sweet baby will be here!