Why You Need a Postpartum Doula

If someone asked you what a Postpartum Doula does, would you know what to say? Here are 5 reasons why every mom needs to have a Postpartum Doula on her support team for the first 6 weeks postpartum.

You need sleep

The old sleep when the baby sleeps saying is true, but how are you supposed to truly turn off your mom-brain and not tend to the mounds of laundry, the dirty dishes in the sink, and oh yeah...there's dinner to prep and kids to pick up at the bus stop. A Postpartum Doula can do all of those things...while you have a nap.

Your hormones, and emotions, are raging

Sometimes, you need someone to vent to who isn't so close to the situation (ie: your best friend, sister, mom, or spouse). Someone who can give an unbiased ear, and provide you with the emotional support you need. Our team of doulas have taken additional training in postpartum support, and we have a vast network of resources for women who struggle with postpartum mood disorders. Support is there and you don't have to deal with your hormones and emotions alone.

Sometimes your partner needs support, too

This is one that I can speak to from personal experience. I wish we had of hired (or even knew what one was!) a Postpartum Doula for our first baby when I had pretty severe Postpartum Depression. My husband was run ragged, up all night with the baby and had to deal with my emotions. Sometimes, your partner needs support too and a Postpartum Doula can do that.

When was the last time you ate?

Your Postpartum Doula can ensure that you are well hydrated and fed, and ours will bring you yummy snacks, fresh juice, baked goods and more. Sometimes we drop a delivery at your door, and send you a quick text message to let you know that it's there. Other times, we swoop in and do some baking in your home...while you have a nap or hot shower!

Self care is essential to your postpartum recovery

What good are we mothers to the rest of our family if we are completely drained and burnt out? Self care is something that we really encourage our clients to take part in after they have their baby. Once a week, treat yourself to a solo date night out. A quiet coffee. Shopping. A movie...all by yourself, while your babe is at home being taken care of by your Postpartum Doula. Matinees run during the week, so there's no need to put yourself on the back burner until the weekend when your Self Care Day fits with everyone elses schedule.

The first 6 weeks postpartum are about survival, and a Postpartum Doula can ease that transition, making your survival and snuggles with your newborn that much smoother and sweeter.