New Summer Programs!

We are absolutely pleased-as-punch with our new programs, which are kicking off this Sunday at North Yoga & Wellness!

Focusing on harnessing your breath, stacking your posture in various poses to experiment and find some discomfort and inquiry, and extended silent pauses, Shannon will be guiding another round of Vipasana Meditation. Let the meditation be the teacher, and she will be the guide...showing you a wonderful world of mindfulness, present moment awareness and heightened consciousness. 

Merging her training in Vipasana and Hypnobirth through The Calm Birth School,  Shannon leads this fantastic four week course that will mentally prepare you for the big day...birth-day! Find comfort in the yoga mats, bolsters, blocks, and blankets. Yoga balls and chairs are available for seated comfort, as well.

Stephanie, Postpartum Doula Extraordinaire, leads this four week Self Care Sunday's session which brings with it amazing weekly activities and accountability. Start with creating your own DIY coconut oil sugar scrub with the essential oils of your choice, learn the importance of self care and quiet, let go of guilt and find accountability throughout the week with our consistent and compassionate communication.

There's truly something for everyone coming in May and June...and extending throughout the summer!

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