Love Created Love

This month in Mindful Motherhood we take a moment of pause to open our hearts and remember what started our journey in motherhood.



Two people, hearts entwined, so completely in love with one another that they wanted to use that love to create even more love.

How incredible of a thought is that?

As parents, we often get caught up in the hustle and bustle of parenting that we forget what took place for us to become parents. I'm not talking about the actual deed (dirty birds!) but the emotions behind it.

The ooey gooey, googley-eyed love.

The butterflies.

The dates.

The stolen kisses.

Love created love, and truly, love is all. At the very end of the day, after you lay those weary heads to bed and give them one extra last snuggle, what is left is an intense amount of love.

Love for your babies, love for your partner and love for yourself.

This month when you are faced with rushing around as a mom, times of stress and moments of impatience, take pause and remember what started your journey.


I have a funny feeling that even the most difficult of situations this month will be a little bit more bearable and a smile will cross your lips at the simple thought of love.