What Is It Like To Be On-Call?

We are often asked during our consultations what it is like to be on-call, so I thought it would make an interesting editorial piece.

So, what's it really like to be on-call, and when does that even start? What does it mean?

Well, the on-call period for our clients really starts from the time that a family contracts our services to the 6 weeks following the birth of their baby. Now....typically, early on-call is lots of emails and texts, and as mama approaches 36/37 weeks gestation, their phone number gets moved to our favourites list with the loudest ringtone we can find in our options.

We answer every text and email promptly, and once that 36/37 week gestation time hits, we answer the phone regardless of the time of day.

So, what is that like from our perspective?

It's like every other day of the year.

While certainly our senses are heightened and we are filled with excitement and anticipation for our clients, we have a few rules surrounding the on-call time in the later stages of pregnancy.

We don't leave the city limits (unless planned prior to contract)
We don't drink alcohol
We have our ringer on high at all times (with vibration on as well)
We go to bed early
We make plans for backup and backup-backup child care
We have our bag packed and by the door
We have a change of clothes laid out in the bathroom for middle-of-the-night changes

In a few words, the on-call time is amazing. It is so exciting when the phone rings (regardless of time of day) and we are called into action. Witnessing birth is something truly incredible, and we wouldn't trade those moments for anything in the world.