To Your Baby, You Are The World

There are so many times throughout motherhood where we feel like we are failing.

Are we giving enough to our children?

Did we snap at them too quickly when they gave us some attitude?

Are we setting good examples?

Are we setting too high of standards?

Are we good enough?


And then comes the flood of

I can't possibly do all of this!


Wife or spouse



Along with all of the other jobs. We feel stretched thin and just when we think we have a great routine going, someone gets sick or is teething, gets in trouble at school or is struggling with emotional issues...

We feel like just one person. Just one person in this gigantic universe, and we feel like we don't matter.

The sleepless nights don't matter

The mounds of laundry that get washed, dried and put away are always done without an ounce of thanks

The legos are picked up from the floor so others won't step on them

The late nights

The early mornings

We feel like just one person, but have you ever stopped to consider that to your baby, to your are the entire world?

You are there at a moments notice when they aren't feeling well

You comfort and soothe

You provide boundaries and love

You motivate and encourage

You are their world.

Exhausting, absolutely.

But in the moments when they are still, and they look up with at you with those dreamy eyes and plant a big kiss on your cheek. Those are the moments when that big gigantic universe doesn't matter and you feel like their world.