To the Mother of babies who couldn't stay...

This month in Mindful may get a little emotional.

You see, not all of the babies that we long for, care for, grow in our heart and womb...not all of them are able to stay here with us.

Pregnancy and Infant Loss is a very real thing, and unfortunately is something that we don't really talk about as much as we should. We suffer and grieve in silence, we take on all of this burden and harbour these feelings of guilt alone.

But you don't have to.

Whether you reach out to a doula, a friend, your mom or aunt. A co-worker, a therapist, the barrista making your coffee.

Just. Reach. Out.

Time will heal, but you will never forget. And it is absolutely ok to talk about your baby, to consider them a part of your family. I often refer to myself as the mom of 3, even though only my two (crazy) boys are the only ones tagging along. When people ask, I say that Arrow, our daughter, just couldn't stay.

She just...couldn't...stay.

And there's nothing that I did wrong, and certainly, there is nothing that you did wrong. You loved, and continue to love, that baby who couldn't stay. 

Just because we are unable to hold them in our arms, doesn't mean we can't hold them in our hearts.

Be gentle and kind with yourself this month, and always. The pain will dull. Things will change and shift. But you will never forget.