Not Just For Your Hair

If you peek inside my doula bag, you will find a small hair comb. You know the ones...they're plastic with pointy teeth.

It may seem strange, but a hard plastic comb from the dollar store can provide wonderful relief in a few different ways when you are in labour and giving birth.

As a distraction, you can grip the comb in your hand and apply pressure with the teeth of the comb against your palm. Be careful not to grip it too hard so as to prevent piercing the skin!

As a form of massage, having your partner or doula lightly running the teeth of the comb over your arm, thighs, can provide a wonderful soothing sensation. Dim the lights and it can be quite tranquil!

Combs are wonderful tools to use during labour when you are seeking comfort measures that you can control. It's in your hand, you are able to apply as much pressure as you would like and you can toss it to the side as you see fit. You're able to still walk the halls, use the tub, labour as you would like and feels right for you, with your comb in hand.