How To Create a Positive Birth Envionment

Whether you give birth at home, at a birthing centre, at a hospital or in the car, being in control of your environment can go a very long way to a positive birth experience.

Think about things that bring you tranquility and peace.

Flickering candles - pack battery operated tea lights in your hospital bag

A focal point - a photo of someone or a place that has special significance to you. You can use this for visualization and distracting conversation during contractions to get your mind into a more peaceful state.

Music - making a playlist of songs and sounds that you find particularly soothing, or even one of just songs that are your absolute favourite to dance and sing to....both aid in a positive birth environment. I often tell my clients that music can unleash alot of hormones, oxytocin being one of them, because it brings forth an abundance of memories from when you last heard the particular song.

Cover the clock - Many women prefer to cover the clock in their birthing room, so as to block out the physical reminder of how long (or short) their labour has been.

Bring the comforts of home - Whether it is a favourite blanket or pillow, your own slippers, bath robe or pajamas, if you are birthing outside of your home, the easiest way to feel comfortable in your birthing room is to make it as much like your home as possible.

Being in control of elements such as these can give a great deal of in a situation where you can to give into the process and let your body take over.

Trust your instincts, as always, and prepare yourself for the best possible birth.