Rhubarb Peach Oatmeal Baby Food Recipe

If you have a friend with rhubarb growing in their garden, you'll want to scoop some up this summer for this awesome and nutritious oatmeal recipe for your babies and toddlers.

If you are just starting out with solids for your little one, adding a cube of pureed rhubarb and a cube of pureed peach to their oatmeal is definitely a treat!

I like to roast my rhubarb. It's a super easy way to cook it down, without having to add any additional sugar. I tend to mix the rhubarb with things like apples, peaches and pears to add a bit of sweetness since it is often rather tart on its own.

For older children, diced bits of soft cooked rhubarb and peaches are easily mixed with a bowl of oatmeal and enjoyed as a hearty breakfast before school or even in the evening as a substantial snack.

In terms of nutrition, peaches are an excellent stonefruit that can help with tummy troubles and constipation. Lots of fibre, Vitamin A and Vitamin C, and it is easily digested and enjoyed by little ones. Rhubarb is high in calcium and potassium, important for growing bones and bodies!