Creating a Life of Balance

Have you heard? I'm taking my Certified Meditation Instructor course at the University of Holistic Theology, and on top of regular daily practice in guided meditation and mindfulness, I'm also teaching meditation classes up at North Yoga & Wellness! Right now, we are in the thick of our Chakra Meditation, and I have so so so much amazingly juicy meditation lined up for the rest of the year!

In addition to the podcasts, I'm going to be posting some exercises here every month that will take you through things like renewal, balance and stability, stress relief....things that each and every mama out there could use from time to time!

This month, we have a balance exercise.

As a mother, balance is often a difficult thing to achieve. We often feel pulled in so many different directions, and then sink our attention into our families and children, feeling unbalanced as individuals.

Or on the flipside, we sink time into self care and feel guilty because we feel like we aren't giving enough to our families.

It's a constant cycle of feeling unbalanced, but with some careful planning...there is hope!

Your balance exercise for this month is to schedule.

Time for yourself
Time with your children
Time away from your smartphone or tablet
Time with your spouse

Scheduling can aid so much in balancing, and we find as a busy household of two entrepreneurs, one who travels across the country for work and the other with an on-call schedule, that scheduling out time blocks for things helps us balance work and family.

Whether you choose to use an online scheduling system like Google Calendar to share appointments and schedules with your spouse (it works for us!!) or you write it down on an old fashioned paper calendar stuck to the fridge, map out a plan!

And, if you're expecting a baby, scheduling in time for self care and relationship care is super important. Sure, you're becoming parents, but you're also still spouses and you're still individuals.

Schedule that time, and find balance.