You are Exactly the Mother Your Children Need

Happy 2016! We are absolutely thrilled that you're here and can't wait to engage with you all through the course of this year.

We have a few new things happening, starting with the first post every month, which we are calling Mindful Motherhood.

What is Mindful Motherhood? It's a monthly dose of self care, inspiration, motivation and kindness delivered to you right here on the blog, and in our newsletters. (you can sign up to receive them up there at the top!)

Each month, there will be a new message of ways you can be kind to yourself, moments to reflect on, and ways to be proud of how far you've come as a mother.

Whenever you are feeling an ounce of doubt, remember that you are exactly the mother that your children need.

You are strong
You are loving
You are incredible and no mother is perfect.

Being a mom is difficult, and comes with many challenges. It also comes with incredibly rewarding moments where you are proud of the little beings you're raising into amazing people. Be proud of that!

You are exactly the mother that your children need.

Hold onto that this month, and in any moment that follows where you doubt if you are doing a good job.

We assure you, you are.