What Does Non-Judgmental Support Mean?

Whenever we meet with a new family, we are often asked for our opinions on their parenting style, wishes for their birth, for our own birth stories or for how we have supported our clients in the past.

Ultimately, non-judgmental doula support means keeping our personal opinions out of your care and providing you with unconditional, unbiased support so that you can make a confident and supported decision for you and your family.

In a world where everyone has an opinion, what you do for your family and how you tend to your body during birth are definitely not the places for other peoples opinions. Truly, you know your body best, and you know exactly what feels right for you in your birthing process.

Similarly, you know your family and the inter workings of the members in your family best. No one is in a better position to make decisions that impact your family other than you! So, from where we sit, it would be doing you an your family a disservice if we pretended to know what would work for you, or ever implied that one way of parenting is better than another.

Our stance will always be, do what is best for you. And we will support it.