Tour of our Doula Bag

Another new feature this year...a look inside our doula bag! Every month, we will feature a different item from our doula bag, explain why we have it, what we use it for, and how it aids in your birth experience.

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Gum and Lollipops

These are items time and again that I consider actually taking out of our doula bag, but then all of a sudden...whamo! Mom gets sick to her stomach, or the air in the birthing suite at the hospital is just unbearably stale and Mom needs a lollipop to suck on. a mad dash to get out of the house, I forget to brush my teeth!

Sometimes when labour is long and exhausting, and Mom unfortunately isn't allowed to eat anything and doesn't want another cup of ice, a lollipop or piece of gum is a nice alternative.

Essentially, life happens and sometimes all you need is a piece of gum to freshen up, or a lollipop as a distraction while you're having contractions and labouring in the tub.

No matter the reason, we have you covered.We stock peppermint Pur gum that is aspartame free, and a variety of lollipops, from cherry to rootbeer, strawberry to watermelon. My favourite lollipops are the Jolly Rancher ones, as they are incredibly flavourful!