Home Remedies for Colds during Pregnancy

It is that time of year again, yup you guessed it! Cold and flu season! ICK! Cold and flu season sucks in general, but it is HORRIBLE when you are pregnant. There are not a whole lot of things you can take that are safe for a baby. Fear not! There is no need to suffer through it! Here are some home remedies to try out. 

Chicken Soup – No surprise here right?  I don’t know about you but my Grandma makes an amazing chicken soup and it always makes me feel better.

Neti Pot – You mix a warm saline solution and pour it through your nasal passages. It clears out all the junk and helps you breath better! This may be a little on the gross side, but since it is only saline it doesn’t affect your baby!  If you are too afraid to try a neti pot there is a squirt bottle version available now too or you could hold your head over a bowl of hot water and the steam will have a similar effect.  

Keep Hydrated – This one probably isn’t all that surprising either, but when you aren’t feeling well it is easy to put this on the back burner.  Keeping hydrated is very important during pregnancy because dehydration can cause contractions. 

Honey, Lemon, Ginger Tea –This mix is amazing because the honey is an anti-viral and will help soothe your throat, the lemon has vitamin C and the ginger is an anti-inflammatory.  Can’t get much better than that!

Hot Compress – Applying a hot compress to your sinuses or sore muscles will ease your pain and tenderness.  The heat will take down the swelling and help clear out your nasal passages.

Night-Time Humidifier - Having a humidifier will make it easier for you to breathe at night and they are great for babies too.  Why not buy one for the nursery early and test it out on yourself.

Sleep with Head Held High – When you are congested it is hard to sleep on your side. It is hard enough sleeping when you are pregnant as it is.  So, prop that head up so you can breathe easier.  Even if that means you are basically in a seated position, that’s ok! Do whatever it takes to get that much needed sleep.

Hopefully you do not catch that awful cold or flu this season, but, if you do, hopefully some of these tips will help you through it.


*disclaimer: these tips for managing colds during pregnancy do not replace the care and medical advice of your health care professional. Before attempting any home remedy, please consult your doctor or midwife.