Tips for Surviving Winter Pregnancy

Being pregnant during the winter time has a whole host of challenges from the winter blues wreaking havoc on your already fragile hormones and emotions, to physical challenges of getting out and about with your bump...safely! Here are a few tips to help you survive your (beautiful) winter pregnancy.

 Stay Hydrated: Of course this is important in every pregnancy no matter what season we are in. However, winter air is very dry and therefore makes us dehydrated faster. As you go about your day you’re going in and out of buildings with the heat blaring full blast and likely getting overheated. Ensure you drink more water than you think you need.  Dehydration can cause a lot of problems so it’s very important that you stay well hydrated. 

Venturing out into the bitter cold: Cause let’s be honest, that sounds like so much fun! Exercise is very important during pregnancy but being cooped up in your house isn’t a walk in the park.  Sign up for a prenatal exercise class! Not only does it get you out of the house the fact that it is pre-scheduled and already paid for is great motivation.  A yoga class or a Pilates class would be a great option, it can help ease back pain and possibly help you to control your breathing which will come in handy during labour.  Also, if you’re cooped up in your house then you are most likely not getting enough sunlight which also means you might not be getting enough Vitamin D. Consider taking a Vitamin D supplement, but of course check with your doctor beforehand.

Germs: They seem to run wild during the winter don’t they?  Most pregnant women are terrified of getting sick because it is hard to figure out what you can and cannot take to treat your symptoms (  Don’t be afraid to be that crazy lady that washes her hands constantly, but make sure to keep lotion on you because your hands will dry out fast (because winter air is dry).

Pesky Slippery Sidewalks: Obviously if you’re walking around in the midst of winter you do not want to slip and fall.  Invest in some good, flat, non-slip boots! It will be well worth the money having the peace of mind.   Also, try not to carry anything too heavy since your centre of balance is already off.  If you do take a tumble and hit your belly call your doctor to make sure everything is ok with you and baby. Better safe than sorry right?

Winter Coat Doesn’t Fit: Heavy winter maternity coats can be quite pricey and it is hard to justify spending lots of money on something you’re only going to get short use of.  Of course you will need a winter coat, we do live in Canada, but it doesn’t have to be the most expensive coat out there.  Try layering up and wear an oversized sweater underneath your coat, or maybe even thermal underwear.  You may want to have a lighter layer underneath the warms ones just in case you have a tropical moment while you are out from all those buildings with the blaring heat!

When in doubt, we vote for movie dates in with take out and pajamas under a warm blanket. Let the snow fall outside....not your precious bump on the siewalk! Do things, and surround yourself with those, that make you abundantly happy and you will sail through winter pregnancy with ease.