Things I Never Thought I'd Say in Labour

You'll be seeing this theme of Things I Never Thought I'd Say throughout blog posts in the coming year. Ashley kicked it off nicely last month in talking about all of the weird, wonderful and gross things she never thought she would say in the first year of being a parent to an adorable little boy, and now I'm going to list some of the things I never thought I would say in labour!

That's stupid! (when being told to not push so hard, there may have been an F word in there too...)

Seriously, who says that to a pregnant woman? Don't push? Really?

Do you think I could get an iced coffee after this?

I totally pooped, didn't I?

Can I get an epidural? I definitely forgot that my pelvis is about to break in two!

Did you just ask if I can feel my leg? I can't feel anything!

Do you think we can watch another episode of Sex and The City before I have to push?

You're sure it's a boy? 

What if it's a girl?

We don't have a girl name!

Whoa...what was that? Is it out?

Oh my god I'm starving.

What are some of the things that you never thought you'd say during labour? With our first, I definitely topped off my epidural at every opportunity so I really felt nothing and had no concept of time. With our second labour, it was calm and I was relaxed. I watched SATC with my doula, Jena, while my husband had a nap on the cot beside my bed.

But man did I want an iced coffee and an apple fritter!!