Trust Your Body, Birth Your Baby

All too often during a prenatal appointment with a client, we hear things like...

but how will I know it's actually labour?
what if I can't handle it?
will I know when to go to the hospital?
I'm not sure I can do this.

When it comes right down to it, our bodies were made for birthing babies. What we lack is a profound trust in our body's ability to perform home...with too many people in the emergency situations.

We lack a trust in ourselves to trust our instincts
We lack a trust in ourselves to trust our body's natural abilities
We lack a trust in ourselves

We strongly encourage you....let go of the negative associations with birth, contractions, hospitals, home, pain, and breathe in everything that is good. Think about the life that is inside of you; you made that! (with a little help!) He or she knows you by the beat of your heart, and soon...will know you by your smell, the soft sound of your voice and the closeness of your skin.

Trust your body.
It was made to bring your baby into this world and it knows exactly what it is doing to get them here safely.

Birth your baby.
Do it your way. Take control of your situation and circumstances, but be mindful to go with the flow of things, listening to your body and trusting it throughout the process.

We promise you; you will know when it is time, when it is real.

Just trust.