Things I Never Thought I'd Say (but totally have during the first year)

One night a few weeks ago, my hubby and I were lying in bed when we started thinking of all of the crazy things that we have said since our son was born. A year ago, I couldn’t imagine saying these things. Now, it’s second nature to blurt something crazy out. It doesn’t faze either of us when we have to pin our son’s arms down so he doesn’t wipe the boogers all over his face.

Here are just some of the crazy things that we have said over the past year.  

Don’t touch that, it has poop on it!

Don’t splash in your pee!

Get out of the toilet!

Eww, let go of the toilet brush!

What is that in your mouth?

Razors are not for babies!

Get your finger out of my nose

Don’t put your finger in the electrical outlet!

Eww, what was that you just ate?

Stop grabbing your wiener!

Why are you hitting yourself in the head?

Eww, that stinks, get it out of my face!

Whining is not handsome!

What are some phrases you never thought you would say?