How Dad Can Support Breastfeeding

If you have decided to breastfeed your baby, there may be a chance that your partner will feel like they are out of the loop or helpless.  Here are some tips to get Dad involved in the feeding process.
1.       Bring baby to Mom – During those late night feedings, take the opportunity to bring baby to Mom! Why not see if you can soothe the baby down first & hand a nice calm baby to Mom.  Not only will Mom appreciate the break (since she’s exhausted too), Dad gets extra bonding time.

2.       Prop her up with pillows – Give Mom the option of sitting in your comfiest chair. Ensure she’s comfortable and ask her if she would like the nursing pillow or a pillow to support her back.   If she’s lying in bed as if she would like her feet propped up. 

3.       Make her a snack – Since baby is eating Mom mind as well take the opportunity to eat too.  For obvious reasons a one handed snack would be your best option. 

4.       Bring her a drink – It is very important that nursing moms stay hydrated!  It is not uncommon for mom to get quite thirsty while they are nursing.  Water would be a good idea, try to avoid anything that is caffeinated or high in sugar. 

5.       Wash bottles/clean pump – Be the designated dishwasher. Mom is preparing and serving the meal, do her a favour and offer to do clean-up. 

6.       Occupy older kids/pets – Try to keep distractions to a minimum; Mom will truly be grateful for this. She cannot exactly round up kids or pets while she has another child latched on. 

7.       Burp & change baby - Breastfeeding is a lot of work and it’s hard on the body.  Burping and changing the baby would be a nice break for mom. 

8.       Be supportive – If Mom wants to feed in public without a cover, support that decision.  If she is comfortable breastfeeding in public you should be comfortable with it too.

9.       No questions asked – When Mom decides she wants to wean baby off nursing, support that decision and be sure to let her know what an amazing job she did, even if she didn’t breastfeed for long.