Dear Mom-to-be: It's ok to feel like crap!

This past summer, a beautiful mom-to-be client contacted me and was explaining that she felt...

ready to have her body back
remorseful for feeling that way
guilty for not feeling joyful and blissful

My response?

It's ok. You're 10 months pregnant. You're allowed to not love it right now.

It's ok to fee like crap.

She acutally suggested that I write this post because, often during pregnancy, we don't love it. I mean...really...who loves throwing up for months? And restless leg syndrome? And food aversions? And weight gain?

Those moments that we don't love, we are made to feel guilty for not loving every moment because we should be thankful to be pregnant. No matter where you are in your pregnancy, your journey to become a parent, it's not always awesome. And it's ok to not like certain parts.

I encourage you to give yourself permission to feel every aspect of it. There will be times when you love and relish every moment that your baby kicks and hiccups. There will be moments where you absolutely do not want to be pregnant one moment longer.

Be gentle with yourself, mama. Your body is in overdrive building a tiny little human who is going to depend on you for most of the rest of their life. It's hard. It's exhausting.

The end of pregnancy can be difficult. Your belly might be the size of a watermelon, you might not be able to sleep, you might be at your wits end emotionally.

Be kind to yourself, mama. If you feel sad one day and want ice cream, get extra hot fudge on your sundae. You've come so far, and are creating something truly incredible so if you don't feel all amazing and nurturing and wonderful, that's ok.

Feel all the feels, and don't apologize for them. You absolutely are entitled to every single emotion, and we encourage you to acknowledge them, feel them, then let them go. Without guilt.

You've got this mama! It's ok if you feel like crap.