Food to Ease Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

There are many joys in pregnancy; morning sickness is not one of those joys.  If you are one of those moms that are fortunate enough to not get morning sickness, that’s awesome! However, if you are struggling with morning sickness hopefully some of these food options will help you out.


Anything dry & salty is great for soothing stomachs.  The starch in crackers and pretzels also help to reduce stomach acid.  Have a few crackers or pretzels before bed or as an evening snack.  This will help make your morning a bit more bearable.


This is a perfect breakfast option if you are struggling with morning sickness, considering adding peanut butter to get your protein as well.

Dairy Products:                 

 Dairy is also great at reducing stomach acid.  Try having a glass of milk in the morning or some Greek yogurt. Or try mixing it up and have cheese and crackers!


 Ginger is the most popular and well known option to help with morning sickness.  Try adding ginger directly to your tea in the morning or something as simple as gingersnaps or gingerbread cookies.  There are also ginger hard candies that you can get.  Ginger pills are also available at any local pharmacy.


Lemon has a natural calming effect, try adding lemon to your water throughout the day or lemon hard candies.

Extra tip:   

Avoid eating greasy or oily foods.  This will worsen your morning sickness.

At the end of the day try to remember that morning sickness is a good sign, it means your baby is healthy.  Morning sickness is a stage in pregnancy and once you’re done you have a beautiful baby! It may be hard in the moment but at the end of it all you get such an amazing gift!