Beginner Juice #Recipe for Moms

One thing that I really love to bring to a new mom's home following childbirth is some fresh juice. There's a lot to be said for prepping a massive jug of juice that they can pour themselves a glass from!

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This juice has just four simple ingredients, but is great for breastfeeding mama's and gets a kick from some fresh lime!

To make a large 42oz jug, juice...

10 large kale leaves and stalks
10 apples, seeds and core removed
1.5 limes, green rind removed but white pith let on
8 medium carrots

Start with juicing a few of your kale leaves with an apple wedge or a carrot. You always want to follow your leafy or soft fruits with a harder fruit to ensure they get totally juiced.

With your remaining half lime, cut it into wedges and add to your juice jug.

Keep your juice in the fridge and consume within 72 hours.