10 Thoughts I Had While Lying in the Grass

If you have young children, you are likely well versed in lying in the grass during a warm summer day...with them running around you, squealing and giggling. If you're a boy mom, you are likely well versed in them running and jumping on you, asking to wrestle or for airplane rides.

In the summer, our backyard is no different than yours.

1. Why? Why does he have to run and jump on me when his Dad is right.here!?

2. If I pretend to be asleep, maybe they will just leave me alone.

3. We really should do something with this yard. It's not very functional...just a patch of grass, a deck that doesn't really make sense.

4. We totally should get a hot tub. Ooooh...or one of those infinity pools.

5. What is wrong with that tree? Is the trunk supposed to have green stuff growing on it? There's definitely something wrong with that tree.

6. Those clouds look like bunnies...bunnies who are pooping little tiny white fluffs...

7. I feel like our neighbours are right on top of us. I can see up onto their deck from here, and into their kitchen. *waves* Hi Ron and Joanne! {note: need to landscape for privacy}

8. Ack! What was that?! Something's crawling in my shirt...get it off get it off get it off!

9. Ok, seriously! I'm not a trampoline! Get off of me!

10. I want a hammock...and a nap.

We love our backyard, as small as it is, and I'm so excited that we are finally getting plans in motion to make it a more liveable space. We love entertaining and having our friends over, so to be able to have an outdoor living area where we can do that will be great!

Now, where's my hammock and my nap?