July Self Care Challenge, Get Active!

Ah the first month of summer vacation. Who's going crazy with me already? No? Just me? Surely there's another mom out there who is marking off the days on the calendar until the first day of school...

In any event! Here is this month's self care challenge.

The summer for moms typically means shuttling kids from camp to camp, playdates to the soccer field, beach days and so much more. It's exhausting and can be overwhelming even for the most super of supermoms.

This month, I encourage you to take some time out for yourself and do something active.


For me, going for a run is my sacred me time. An hour and a half of just me, my music, the pavement and some space to breathe. I may think about everything, I may think about nothing. It's entirely up to me and it forces me to take a step back and do something really positive for myself.

Usually, I end up sprinting home, so I bust through the front door panting. In that moment, I feel a huge rush of accomplishment and my son, Owen, races over to me asking how my run was. He tells me that I did a good job, and that he either missed me or was worried about me (he worries about everything).

In that moment, I feel free. I feel a sense of clarity. I feel that I've shown my family that I can put myself first, and I feel proud of what I've accomplished.

Get out there. Get active!