Hill Sprints and Hikes...July Self Care Challenge

So the kiddos are on summer break....who wants to pull their hair out already? Is there wine in your coffee cup at 10am?

Just me? Oh, it can't be!!

I never realized how stressful it would be to be a fulltime business owner and a fulltime mom, especially in the summer with a very busy 5 year old who needs his sponge of a brain stimulated at.all.times.

So how do I take care of myself when life is at its busiest?

This month, I want you to get outside. I want you to run. I want you to bike. I want you to do hill sprints.

As a good friend of mine said on a training run back in March, be an active participant in life. Put your headphones on, crank your favourite music, or ask a good friend to go for a hike! (Jen, I'm looking at you, lady!)

Set the example for the rest of your family and tell them that you're going out for a while to run, walk, hike, or do sprints and see how proud they are of you when you get home. It's honestly, the best feeling ever!