10 Thoughts I Had While Wedged Between Carseats

Over Christmas holidays this past year, I had the task of sitting between two car seats in the back seat of our SUV as we drove from Florida to Ontario. Not exactly the most comfortable or easiest spot to be in!

1. Good lord my hips hurt! If I don't have a cupholder wedged in my ribs on one side, I have the seatbelt lock digging into my hip on the other side.

2. This might be the worst idea he's ever had. How long is this drive? 21 hours? Not happening!

3. Ok, baby asleep, Bear asleep, maybe I can scoot up front just for a bit and get the seat warmer on my back.

4. Seriously, baby? Seriously?! I can't even move without his mommy-radar going off!

5. Rest stop! LET ME OUT!

6. {upon waking up} Where in the heck are we?

7. I'd like to see him wedge himself back here...my hips were not made for this!

8. Canada flags!! We are almost there!

9. {after boys and luggage are unloaded} I don't think I can move....

10. Next year, I'm flying.

Seriously friends, I don't recommend doing this. Not even a little bit. Sure, sometimes there are circumstances where mom needs to sit in the back with baby, but doing that between a convertible rear facing car seat with a 6 month old and a high back booster with a 4 year old...oh your hips. Your poor poor hips!

But...if you're faced with having to sit between two car seats for an extended period of time, make sure you have access to...

a good book
your phone
a pillow
a blanket
leg room