10 Things to be Grateful For

When looking for this months gratitude inspiration, I stumbled across this...

They seemed so simple that I thought I would take a moment a reflect on each one. This month, I encourage you to do the same and find gratitude in the simplest of things.

The early wakeups will come and go, the noise will quiet and the chaos and mess will soon be after thoughts when your children are grown and move on to lead their own adult lives. Be grateful for the lessons that you've taught them and the experiences you have shown them.

The laundry, the dishes. The dirt and grime of bathrooms. They may seem like daily chores, but in fact they are things in life to be grateful for, that not every one has.

I'm grateful for dirt, worms and bugs.
I'm grateful for superheroes, loud noises and farts.
I'm grateful for snuggles, stories and kisses.
I'm grateful for strong mamas, sweet babies and emotional dads.
I'm grateful for home, friends and wine.
I'm grateful for here, now and this moment.

What are you grateful for?