June Monthly Self Care Challenge

A few months ago, my bff came over and introduced me to the wide world of Jamberry nail wraps. I was absolutely fascinated by the process, and it was so nice to just spend the morning together chatting away while we did our nails. Our kids were playing in the background, chasing each other around and being crazy, but it was really nice to take some time out for ourselves.

This month, I challenge you to give yourself that self care time and do and at-home pedicure.

What color will you pick for your toes? I tend to go with darker tones, but since I have been experimenting with Jamberry wraps, I've been more likely to use lighter polishes like nude, mint and lavender.

Thinking that you just don't have time, or that the atmosphere at your house isn't tranquil enough to really relax and give yourself that down time that you so deserve? Book yourself an appointment at the spa. Leave your phone in your purse, and just enjoy the quiet!